About Me

I am a natural organizer. I love to decorate and organize!

My beloved mother was always super organized and ever since I was a little girl, I was taught to be like her. This love for organization has been a huge part of my soul for as long as I can remember and I confess I sometimes am exaggerated when it comes to living in a clean and spacious environment.

The innate ability to organize spaces have opened doors for working with strategic planning and organization of big events for international companies, when I had the opportunity to manage and execute such events in a peaceful and extremely organized manner, promoting an easy-going working environment for all involved and a pleasurable experience for those attending. 
Originally from Brazil, I moved to Florida in 2013 and have now seen the opportunity to serve our community by using my talent, training, and experience to create a better way of living for all. My passion for organization and space has brought me to take courses and learn more about becoming a Professional Organizer and I am now ready to use all I know to help new clients.
To bring harmony to all areas of your house or office, making life easier, reducing stress, and creating more free time to enjoyable activities.


 To make life more practical and less complicated through functional organization and space optimization.


 To be a model of organization and high productivity.


 Honesty, ethics, respect, transparency, innovation, and excellence.